The interior or core of the logo has not changed much. We have retained the fundamental elements. The three stars on the upper part of the shield represent the three major islands of the archipelago, symbolic that the essential culture and spirit of the school is Filipino and homegrown. The sword, quite similar to the Kampilanblade of our Moro brethren in Mindanao, bespeaks of our struggle to combat ignorance and the much more dangerous bliss of ignorance. The small stars, a dozen of them, exhibit our openness to imbibe different virtues necessary to a holistic formation. The torch proclaims our ambitious but noble task of serving the cause of truth. The book, illuminated by the torch, demonstrates how we cherish and pursue knowledge through academic formation and research initiatives. The laurel leaves convey our spirit of competitiveness which is duly rewarded. The looming and imposing shield is a reminder that we, as educators, must guard ourselves against hubris or pride; we must always be cognizant that the true seeker of truth and knowledge and the truly intelligent person is free from pretensions and false pride. The globe is one of the three new elements of the logo. The founder of the school believes that the ideals of a homo universalis, the universal man, is attainable. A truly holistically formed or educated man is possible and it our mission as educators. The ring atop the northern hemisphere declares the superiority of knowledge over ignorance, of science over opinions, of reason over passion. And finally the yellow gentle curve that encompasses more than half of the globe is symbolic of sunlight which, in turn, symbolizes that teachers must be nurturers of hope. The hope we project are the best antidote to the prevalent despair and cynicism the youth of today experiences.

CITI GLOBAL COLLEGE. The acronym CITI carries the full name Center for Information Technology and Interdisciplinarity. It must be emphasized that the flagship course of the college has always been information technology vis-à-vis computer studies. But our expansion warrants the use of the chiefly British term interdisciplinarity which covers all our CHED and TESDA programs. Our new name captures the culture and thrusts that we have chosen to pursue. We have carved a niche for our school but our own brand of education must not be confused with that of the sectarian one. Hence, this new, fresh, and exquisite name.